Selection of work created at the smartphone startup in Shenzhen, China. Gifs were made in collaboration with fellow designer Xia Lu.

Daily UI

Personal self-motivated projects to work on developing UI skills using Sketch or Illustrator.  


Design work for DAVIDsTEA, a Montreal based tea company. Primary job duties consisted of content creation for PR related media. Below are photos of selected work¬†designed¬†for the company….

Edible Cups: Explorative Work

These edible cups were created during my exploratory thesis work. The cups looks like JELL-O, but can contain liquid and solids at room temperature without sweating or warping….

UX Research – Investigating Multisensory Activities with Food

In the field of design, interactions with a product can be considered multisensory activities; they can invite the user to engage all of their senses. This research draws…

Acorn: Service for Social Aggregation