Hello! I’m Jessie Thavonekham, a visual designer, illustrator, and interdisciplinary researcher. You can call me Jess. You can even call me Knives. I have a MDes from Carleton University and BFA in Design from Concordia University.

My main dedication in research is exploring food design, multi-sensory experiences, eating behaviour, and the designer’s ability in creating heightened sensory experiences with food objects. I’m strongly passionate about incorporating design tools into the realm of food consumption, and using edible items as the medium. I constantly seek to investigate how various factors surrounding the eating environment impact the many possible outcomes; from enjoyment and social engagement, to mindfulness and habits. The result of my research interests is my Master’s Thesis exploring the relationship of multi-sensory elements and food.

When my face isn’t pressed against my laptop screen, I’m usually found on my yoga mat, drinking excessive amounts of tea, and taking long romantic walks to the fridge.

Have a project? Want to brainstorm? I love collaborating with people on creative projects of all sizes, so if you would like to get in touch, feel free to say hello on Twitter, or send an email.  Other ways to  connect:  Instagram, LinkedIn, and Dribbble.