Photo Credit: Malindi Strydom

I'm Jessie Thavonekham, a creative based in  Ontario, Canada, Taipei, Taiwan, Shenzhen, China London, UK. Working at OnePlus, I have played a key role in shaping the brand’s image both on and offline. I hold an MDes in Industrial Design from Carleton University and a BFA in Design from Concordia University.

Whether it’s through experimentation, craft, or the endless pursuit of self-improvement, I’m always looking for new ways to use and improve my skillset.
I particularly enjoy creative problem solving, hence my background in Industrial Design.

My expertise includes: Art Direction, Digital Design, Print Design, Brand Identity, Data Visualization, Design Research, and Editorial Design with a focus on creating a cohesive brand experience. I hope to create work that is just as meaningful as it is visually appealing. 

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